Friday, 30 December 2011

Differences between incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp (easy way to understand)

Initially I really have no idea what’s on earth we need to study this part of chapter Energy for Food Processing. Thought we have nothing to do with these lamps.

But I finally realised, in Food Technology field, we mainly used these lamps in food processing plants. Thats the reason as simple as that!!

Electric lighting provides illumination (pencahayaaan) of work spaces. Light must be
-          Properly distributed within the space (pengagihan cahaya secara sekata)
-          Sufficient size and efficiency (keberkesanan pencahayaan/tidak malap)
-          Properly supported and easily replaced or serviced (senang diganti/dibaiki)

Differences between incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp
Incandescent lamp (lampu mentol)
Fluorescent lamp (lampu pendafluor)

Ø  Uses a tungsten filament for current flows
Ø  Uses an inductance coil to create a current discharge
Ø  The current flow causes it (tungsten filament) to glow white-hot
Ø  The heat causes electrons to be removed from mercury vapour within the tube – causes emission of ultraviolet rays.

Ø  This ray reacts with phosphor crystals at the tube surface to produce light

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